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Taean Symbol

Taean Mark


The first letters of 'Tae-An', which are '[t]' and '[a]', were visually designed, symbolizing the county citizens forming one body and the bright future for Taean-gun. Expresses nature, abundance of life and the progressive spirit of the county using red, blue and green.

  • symbol1Beauty of nature and the bright future that awaits Taean (Sunset).
  • symbol2

    Expresses clean and fresh sightseeing spots in Taean with green symbolizing the color of the environment.
  • symbol3magnificent ria coasts, covering 520km of beautiful coast lines.

Taean Mascot


  • NAME : Taedori
  • Meaning : It expresses the beautiful nature of Taean, the bright future and the warm heart of the local people, providing for the right direction for Taean to go forward in the 21st century.
  • Date of Birth : May 2, 1999
  • Hometown : West Sea, Taean-gun, Chungnam
  • Characteristics : Personified blue crabs, symbolizing wit and wisdom, and the clean and fresh look of the sea.
  • Flower of Taean-gunCamelliaCamellia, the flower of Taean-gun, symbolizes an evergreen tree that overcomes strong winds and waves, and does not lose its everlasting spirit.
  • Bird of Taean-gunSea GullsThe sea gull, the bird of Taean-gun, symbolizes big and far-reaching ambitions.
  • Tree of Taean-gunPine treePine trees symbolize deep local sentiments and strength of will.